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I’m an executive coach and tech veteran who helps startup leaders achieve their dreams and find daily fulfillment along the way. I’m a trusted confidant to startup CEOs, an Accel and a16z-backed founder, an advisor to VCs like First Round Capital and Flybridge, one of Slack’s earliest employees…and I've been fired enough times to stop counting. Now I offer my clients the tools to learn from both those thrilling highs and painful lows and emerge ever more authentically themselves.

I became a coach because while I love the startup world, it also nearly broke me. The high points of my career—co-founding and running a promising startup, building the product team at Slack—were also my lowest points emotionally. Yet with each success and each failure, I understood myself and my impact ever more deeply. I began to embrace my own unique shape instead of squeezing into other people’s boxes. I began to act intentionally instead of reacting blindly. Suddenly my dreams seemed much clearer and closer. My awakening had begun.

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