I help early stage SaaS products get to scale, from those first few pilot customers to true product/market fit and beyond. Details ➠


Experience & Accolades

I've spent 10+ years leading tech products through the full product lifecycle. I was the first product manager at Slack, responsible for the core product through its growth from 100k to 1M+ daily users. I co-founded YesGraph and built it from a nascent idea to a launched product in active usage by companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, and others. At Adobe, I helped build some of its first SaaS products, managed the $100M+ Dreamweaver business, and drove critical acquisitions including Typekit, Omniture, and Behance. In addition to consulting I also work with the portfolios of several venture capital firms and accelerators as a product management advisor/mentor. 

My unique experience at Slack has been the subject of a feature article in the First Round Review, a series of articles in Business Insider, and several invited speaking engagements at product/design events.

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I provide executive coaching, process improvement, and hands-on product management consulting based on 10+ years of product experience at Slack, YesGraph, and Adobe, as well as my advisory relationships with investors and startups across the tech world.  

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I love sharing product management lessons and war stories with a crowd, whether it's online or in person. Check out my latest writing and speaking engagements, or get in touch if you'd like me to speak at your event.

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