Executive Coaching for Individuals

All of my consulting relationships start with a conversation. But sometimes you need more than one: whether you're a CEO making your first product hire, a head of product looking to build your team, or a head of engineering looking for more effective product process, it can be lonely at the top. I've guided many startup executives though these tricky transitions, and often the most helpful place to start is a series of conversations to better define the problem and brainstorm solutions. 


Process Improvement for Teams

I admit it, I'm a process geek. But that doesn't mean I only teach one way to build product! On the contrary, working with wide range of teams has taught me there is no one true way. Instead, process needs to fit the team: its strengths, its weaknesses, its culture, its stage. I work with team leadership to identify opportunities for process improvement, write plans to fit their specifics needs, and do what it takes to make those plans stick.

Example Processes: 

  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Integrating customer research
  • Creating a product vision
  • Driving roadmap planning + prioritization
  • Setting goals, metrics, and milestones
  • Defining the right deliverables for every role:  execs, design, dev, QA, support, etc.
  • Balancing agility and predictability in the dev process
  • Driving growth via product experiments
  • Optimizing collaboration:  email, meetings, Slack, and more
  • Collecting and synthesizing data and user feedback

Product Leadership

Sometimes you need more product help than can fit in a few hours of my time each week. Yet it can still be incredibly risky to make full time product hires before you're ready: you need to understand your own product culture before you can choose the right person to push it forward. Hiring an interim product lead can be the perfect bridge to keep the product moving forward while we refine process, create hiring plans, and find my permanent replacement. I understand how delicate those first few product hires can be; working with me lets you be certain you're not hiring the wrong person for these critical roles. Get in touch and we can discuss a custom proposal for your needs.

Example Responsibilities:

  • Kicking off a new initiative with a one week design sprint
  • Leading customer research activities
  • Driving forward a specific product initiative
  • Using that product initiative as a case study to identify potential process improvements
  • Working with executives, engineers, and designers to iterate on and improve process
  • Collaborating on a PM hiring plan, writing job definitions, interviewing PMs, checking references 
  • Mentoring junior PMs