Executive Coaching

Everyone needs a coach: someone who sees your potential; someone who's on your side; someone to challenge you; someone to help during hard times. Whether you're a CEO struggling with closing key hires, a head of product looking to build your team, or a head of engineering looking for more effective product process, it can be lonely at the top. I've successfully guided startup executives though these and many other tricky transitions. Let's chat about how I can help you move your career forward.


Product Consulting

Every company wants to be more efficient and effective. But is yours ready to commit to growth and change? I provide consulting and advisory services for companies seeking to improve alignment and facilitate growth. I teach company leaders to proactively build the right process and hiring plan for their organization as it grows, instead of making costly bets on inefficient processes and bad hires. Process needs to fit the team: its strengths, its weaknesses, its culture, its stage. I work with team leadership to identify opportunities for improvements, facilitate the creation of a plan, and do what it takes to make that plan stick.

Example Processes: 

  • Driving alignment among the executive team
  • Building and executing hiring plans 
  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Integrating customer research
  • Creating a product vision
  • Driving roadmap planning + prioritization
  • Setting goals, metrics, and milestones
  • Defining the right deliverables for every role:  execs, design, dev, QA, support, etc.
  • Balancing agility and predictability in the dev process
  • Driving growth via product experiments
  • Optimizing collaboration:  email, meetings, Slack, and more
  • Collecting and synthesizing data and user feedback