Startup leaders often face persistent problems that just get worse as the company grows. When they confront them, they stir up interpersonal conflict, avoidant behavior, and toxic relationships. When they avoid them, things might seem calmer, but underneath often lurks a deep frustration with themselves or others. Often their “fixes” don’t address the root of the problem. They risk burning out from the stress and missing their big opportunity.

I help them find another path. One where their problems have permanent solutions instead of band-aids, they feel empowered to create the change they desire, and the emotions of joy and calm dominate instead of anger and anxiety.

How does it work?

Designed for you

Everyone’s coaching journey is different! Part of what’s fun about 1:1 coaching is we can adapt the coaching program to meet each client’s particular needs. If something in our relationship isn’t working, we just redesign it as we go.

Baseline Program

That said, transformative growth requires sustained time and energy from both of us, and I’ve designed the basic program to allow for that growth and flexibility.

  • Flat monthly rate for unlimited 1:1 and small group coaching sessions, typically paid by your company
  • Also includes email summaries of sessions and unlimited correspondence via email and text
  • Minimum of 2 one hour sessions per month for 6+ months
What topics do you coach?

I coach the whole person, not a particular set of topics, so our conversations go wherever they need to to realize my clients’ visions. While I occasionally offer advice or stories from my career in tech, typically the solutions come from each client. Instead of simply dispensing advice (which often isn’t that helpful), I act as their partner in identifying what’s truly important, and their advocate in acting on it.

That said, clients and I often discuss:

  • Conflicts with their manager, board, and/or employees.
  • Managing stress and emotion.
  • Making time for what’s important.
  • Managing their inner critic/imposter’s syndrome.
  • Articulating an inspiring personal vision, and taking action to achieve it.
What’s a typical engagement like?

Earlier coaching sessions focus on deepening our understanding of you, your dreams, and the challenges standing in your way. As your path becomes clearer, our focus often shifts towards practicing new behaviors and holding you accountable to the results you desire.

We often touch on these universal themes:

  • Letting go of blaming others and taking full responsibility for easing your pain and achieving your vision.
  • Growing your mindfulness skills to identify ineffective thoughts and behaviors and shift them in real time.
  • Accepting what you cannot change to find peace and balance while maximizing your desired impact.
  • Exploring and embracing your unique leadership style to leave your mark on the company and the world at large.
What’s a typical session like?

We start each session by following up on the last session’s actions and articulating the lessons they offered. After that the topic is client’s choice! Usually we spend the bulk of the time understanding what’s happening and articulating what the client wants. Once we understand that, often it’s easy to identify the actions necessary to make it happen. After each session I follow up via email with the session’s key points and action items. That lets us continue our discussion and keeps everyone accountable to action.

How do I choose the right coach for me?

It’s all about fit! Typically the key elements are budget and chemistry. For budget, ask your company to pay for your coaching! Great coaching is expensive but you’re worth the investment. Chemistry is harder to predict, you really have to try out coaching together to see how it feels. Fortunately I offer a free one hour sample session to CEOs, founders, and leadership at startups, so please get in touch and we can discuss. After a sample session it’s almost always clear whether we should continue working together.

Curious to learn more? Let’s get started.