About Me

I'm an executive coach and tech veteran who unlocks the potential within startup leaders to build great teams and great companies. I founded my own startup and built the product team at Slack, so I can coach both the practical nuts and bolts and emotional highs and lows of startup life. Every startup leadership job is a stretch, a role you grow into over time—but you don’t have to do it alone.

In addition to my client work, I also support the portfolios of several venture capital firms and accelerators as an advisor, mentor, and coach. My unique experience at Slack has been the subject of a feature article in the First Round Review, a series of articles in Business Insider, and several speaking engagements.


My Practice

I work with startup leaders who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. They want more out of their jobs and their lives, even if it’s not always clear how to achieve it. Their vision is more than a prestigious title at a fast-growing company, but true fulfillment: a sense of resonance, meaning, purpose, and impact. They are ready to commit to unlocking the potential in their companies and themselves.

Finding that potential starts with knowing yourself deeply. What are your values? What do you truly want? What narratives keep showing up in your life? What pain are you enduring? I'll give you the tools to make sense of your thoughts and feelings and turn them into action. This new clarity will help us build a powerful vision for your future: the big outcomes that feel most right to you. While achieving them will take hard work, sometimes the journey truly is the reward: I strive to find daily fulfillment for all my clients.

We start each session with whichever topic is top of mind for you, but know that I push you to dig deeper to find the ripest opportunities for growth. I coach the whole person, not a particular set of topics, so our conversations can go wherever they need to to realize your vision. While I occasionally offer advice from my career in tech, typically the solutions come from you. Instead, I act as your partner in identifying what’s truly important, and your advocate in acting on it. Together, we can find you the clarity and courage to embrace your true purpose. So be ready to go big!


“Kenneth is one of the funniest and most approachable people I've ever met.”
“As a result of working with Kenneth, I developed a new perspective that I am using to build a map for my own future career goals.”
“What I appreciate about Kenneth’s approach is his positivity, patience and resourcefulness.”
“He challenged me to challenge myself in ways I had not yet considered.”
“Kenneth is a wonderful coach. I was struggling with how to articulate my deeper purpose for what I put my energy towards in work and in life, and he really nailed it.”


I offer a free one hour sample session to all potential clients (that's you!) so we can assess mutual fit. After that I ask for a commitment of two 1 hour sessions per month for six months, since transformative growth requires sustained time and energy from both sides. We can meet via phone, video conference, or in person in San Francisco. In between sessions, I’m available via email and text to continue our discussion and keep you accountable to action.


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