About Me

I’m an executive coach and tech veteran who helps startup leaders achieve their dreams and find daily fulfillment along the way. I’m a trusted confidant to startup CEOs, an Accel and a16z-backed founder, an advisor to VCs like First Round Capital and Flybridge, one of Slack’s earliest employees…and I've been fired enough times to stop counting. Now I offer my clients the tools to learn from both those thrilling highs and painful lows and emerge ever more authentically themselves.

I became a coach because while I love the startup world, it also nearly broke me. The high points of my career—co-founding and running a promising startup, building the product team at Slack—were also my lowest points emotionally. Yet with each success and each failure, I understood myself and my impact ever more deeply. I began to embrace my own unique shape instead of squeezing into other people’s boxes. I began to act intentionally instead of reacting blindly. Suddenly my dreams seemed much clearer and closer. My awakening had begun.


My Practice

After 15+ years in the tech world, I’ve seen all its potential for both joy and pain. We already have plenty of people who talk about the joyful side. My mission is to help us talk about the pain—so that we can acknowledge its cost and learn from it.

As part of that mission, I coach CEOs, founders, and leadership at growth-stage startups. That growth is often personally painful for these leaders, but it's also a massive opportunity. I coach my clients to work through the pain of the growth stage so they can take full advantage of that opportunity: not just to to scale the company's impact via company growth, but to scale their personal impact via personal growth.

More specifically, I help clients:

  • Gracefully handle stressful situations

  • Build trust and influence with masterful communication skills

  • Maintain a sustainable pace even in growth mode

  • Define and work towards an inspiring personal vision

  • Find their own authentic leadership style instead of trying to be someone they're not

  • Achieve daily fulfillment even in the face of stress and uncertainty

  • Actively reshape their role to meet their needs over time

  • Integrate their values as a part of their company’s culture and values

Sound appealing? Curious how we make it happen? I coach clients to:

  • Deeply understand their values—and where they don't align with the values of their company and their coworkers.

  • Become aware of unconscious beliefs and behaviors—and develop conscious new habits to replace them.

  • Become more aware of their emotions—acknowledging them instead of ignoring them or being overwhelmed by them.

  • Learn decision making tools that help them do the right thing more often—and be at peace when they don't.

  • Acknowledge that they can’t do everything—and choose more consciously how they allocate their time and energy.

  • Find outcomes that inspire them—to stick with the work of personal growth.

We start each session with whichever topic is top of mind, but know that I push my clients to dig deeper to find the ripest opportunities for growth. I serve as their ally and confidant, but also their mirror: I don’t hold back what I see. I coach the whole person, not a particular set of topics, so our conversations can go wherever they need to to realize their vision. While I occasionally offer advice or stories from my career in tech, typically the solutions come from each client. Instead of simply dispensing advice (which often isn't that helpful), I act as their partner in identifying what’s truly important, and their advocate in acting on it.


“Kenneth is one of the funniest and most approachable people I've ever met.”

"Kenneth is incredible and I recommend him to anyone who wants to level-up their career or their mindset."

"You will be challenged. You might, at times, be uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, you will be grateful and proud of your decision to work with Kenneth."

“What I appreciate about Kenneth’s approach is his positivity, patience and resourcefulness.”

“Kenneth is a wonderful coach. I was struggling with how to articulate my deeper purpose for what I put my energy towards in work and in life, and he really nailed it.”

“[Kenneth] helped me to unlock my true potential, and for that I will be forever grateful.”


I offer a free one hour sample session to all potential clients so we can assess mutual fit. After that I ask for a commitment of two 1 hour sessions per month for six months, since transformative growth requires sustained time and energy from both of us. We can meet via phone, video conference, or in person in San Francisco. In between sessions, I’m available via email and text to continue our discussion and keep each client accountable to action.


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